About Al Junco - aljuncophotography

When I was a small child in Cuba, my mother was a teacher and one of her close friends organized site seeing tours of the island. I was able to go on all the school field trips and at a very young age, see more of Cuba than most adults because we went on the site seeing tours in the summers and during school holidays.

My mother always had a camera and taught me to shoot when I was four years old. I used to call the camera the picture box because it was one of the old box cameras and it was square like one of the blocks I used to play with. Although my mother loved to take pictures, she liked being in the picture even more. As the only kid on the trips with the tours or the only kid that was not in her class during the school field trips, I was the designated photographer. My love of photography was not something I developed, it was just a natural instinct and I used to think that everybody had a camera.

We escaped from Cuba in a rowboat in 1962, and were eventually rescued by the US Coast Guard after three days at sea. We arrived in the United States with only the clothes on our back. The agency in charge of refugees gave us clothes and a few dollars to help us get started until my parents found jobs. Not being the most logical person in the world, one of the first things my mother bought was film for her camera. I can still hear the argument about buying film instead of food. As I look back on it, I have a different perspective as the photographs captured the history of our struggle in a new land and the events of the times.

My corporate career has allowed me to travel all over the world. Instinctively, I always had a camera with me. I realized that photography allowed me to instantly capture history. From my early influence, shooting the tourists and the Cuban landscapes, to my love of sports, travel, wildlife and live music, I decided to specialize in concert, sports, events, nature and wildlife photography.

Al Junco Photography offers several photography services to meet your needs. I have programs for sports clubs, corporations, or individuals. Please contact me and I will be glad to discuss your requirements.

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